Stay well & live your best life!

Staying healthy is central to happiness and wellbeing, having good health ensures that we can thrive within our daily lives and enjoy fruitful, fulfulling pastimes.

Resource Buddy has partnered with other health professionals to try and bring you simple, adapted resoruces from the web that will help enable people with a learning disability to stay healthy, with the right levels of support.

Health Advice & Guidance

Stay Well This Winter.pdf

Easy Read advice and guidance provided by NHS England to "help you stay well this winter".

People who can’t read or who don’t like written words are often very good at reading pictures. That’s why there are no words in Beyond Words stories. The books all tell a story, but they also let the reader tell their own story.

Exercise & Healthy Living

Lets get active MENCAP.pdf

Let’s Get Active

A great Easy Read guide to physical activity and sport for people with a learning disability by Mencap.

Exercise Routine Sheet Easyread.pdf

'Easy Read' Exercise Routine by the Down's Syndrome Association.

Women's Health

Having a smear test EasyRead.pdf

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust has adapted information explaining the smear test and even includes a short video. Here's their Easy Read guide to smear tests.

Men's Health


My prostate - What changes should I look out for?

An Easy Read resource provided by Prostate Cancer UK.

Prostate Cancer UK also provide fantastic audio descriptons informing men about diagnosis, treatment and what to expect living with prostate cancer.



A list of really good accessible resources provided by LGBT Health & Wellbeing.

They've identified resources that are useful for supporting LGBT adults with learning disabilities on topics relating to sexual health, relationships and gender identity.

These include accessible information leaflets, resources and signposting for parents of LGBT people, general LGBT guides and resources to inform professionals in their practice.


What is transgender? an Easy Read information booklet for people with learning disabilities by LGBT Health & Wellbeing.