Choice, understanding & interaction

Here at Resource Buddy, we think communication can be described as the giving and receiving of information between two or more people, it’s never a unidirectional process. However, for effective communication to occur all people involved in the interaction need to be able to understand and express themselves.

We communicate with each other every day, every hour – sometimes every minute! We use words to support our interactions, but we also use a number of other communication methods, including gestures, eye contact and facial expression. We may also use additional tools, such as pictures, photos and the written word to help us communicate.

How much of your communication is more than just using words?

Using these communication tools can lead to more effective interactions, whilst also ensuring people are able to more successfully understand things that are happening in their lives and enable them to be more effective, confident communicators.

Communication tools don’t have to be complex; sometimes they are simple to use.

Here at Resource Buddy, we want to make communication tools accessible for all.

Check out the resources available within this section: Why not have a go at using one of them?

Feel free to use them on our website or download them for use within your setting, at home or on the go. If you would like to share resources, contact Resource Buddy at or use our ‘Blog and Comments’ page.

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Visual support

Now and Next Visual Schedule.pdf

A 'Now and Next' visual schedule with integrated symbols pocket, by Resource Buddy.

Now Next and Then Visual Schedule.pdf

A 'Now, Next and Then' visual schedule with integrated symbols pocket, developed by Resource Buddy.

Now visual schedule.pdf

A 'Now' visual schedule with integrated symbols pocket, developed by Resource Buddy.

Inclusive Communication Essex (ICE) provide some fantastic Picture Resources to aid communication. Including symbols and graphics to utilse in conjunction with visual schedules or adapted information.