Resource Buddy was developed by John-Marc Compérat, a student Learning Disability Nurse (now newly qualified!) studying at the University of South Wales.

John-Marc has spent a decade and a half working within the health and social care sector, gathering experience from a wide variety of roles within primary, secondary and tertiary services.

The last eight years has seen John-Marc working with, and for people with a learning disability and/or mental health problems. The main focus of this work has involved working with a multitude of professionals to promote positive health outcomes for the people accessing services, to support skill building and coping strategies, and help people to improve their wellbeing to achieve their best lives.

So, how did Resource Buddy start?

“In my experience, having good quality resources to hand has always been important when attempting to provide high quality care and support for people. However, finding resources that are accessible and affordable has proved difficult throughout my career. This has often led to a delay in the delivery of an intervention or impacted on the outcome and efficacy of good care that is being provided.”

“I’ve regularly ended up making my own resources, which requires a certain amount of computer literacy, access to the programs and above all else, it takes a lot of time! Valuable time that could be spent engaging with the people we work with”

“I wanted to provide a place where good quality, affordable and accessible resources could be found and utilised quickly, all in one place; that’s how Resource Buddy was born”

Compérat (2018)

So come and connect, share and try some of our resources.

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